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Life update ....

Posted by blauwwolkje92 - 1 month ago

sooooo i had the chance not to worry bout how i will pay for school so i never really had a long term job. Here we are graduated from uni last year and bam no job offers for like a year, but are we surprised of course not cause this world is just like children are our future study for that diploma ...but you need 50 years (yes i am exaggerating) experience before we can give you a chance. Wam ... couple a months after still no job offers of course not in the field i studied for, everyone just going well the field you've chosen it is kinda hard to get a job cause a large group of a people are in that field blah blah blah same old same old consoling words ..... well i got a job but it is most definitely not in the field i studied for i just.... , just started it had 2 weeks training, they just pushing so much information cause you know they think we are computers but luckily most of my team passed the test and and the time i have work at 3:40 in the am but i guess i am capable of being up at that time to do a job . So far it is been interesting the real job starts Monday 22 July 2019, i will be calling with clients (yes callcenterjob) that are upset for 6 hours so lets see how this page of my life will be, how long i will last because i am trying to work on my skills and being shy is kinda holding me back from greatness so maybe this will help with making me less shy and more confident when it comes to talking to people so in the end i am not ungrateful that a callcenter gave me my first contractual job i just never saw me doing it which makes it hard for me to want to do it and the hours are pretty sjitty but i have friends that support me to keep it and a dad that is probably going to kill me if i leave it this early wuahahha, i am nervous and curious about this at the same time. I hope it will be a path that leads me to be successful and opens better opportunities because my plan is to use this as a stepping stone.

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Good to know you're still active, and congrats on landing the job. Here's to hoping you get the one you were aiming for! Good luck on working in a call center though - depending on who the client base is, it can get really stressful, and even worse if the work environment's toxic, in which case it can get tricky - your mental health is much more important than any job you have is what I'd say, if not for the current landscape...

thank you gummybear <3 good to know you are active too, thanks for the advice and yes i have only called for 2 days now for an hour and the second day i got clients and they were so rude, right now everyone i have met at work have greeted me with positive attitude and are really polite but i just started so awaiting whats coming hoping it will stay this way with just goodvibes. definitely not my plan to stay for a long time don't want to be dealing with such rude people, cause some workers have said new callagents ran out crying cause the clients were scolding them like i am really hoping not to get those type a people

@Gimmick @blauwwolkje92 I guess it was serendipitous that I noticed your post in my feed since I barely check it heh, but yeah I'm active most of the time here esp. in chat if you want to drop by. Also, regarding the call center, sounds like you got a good working environment, which is great, but they're right about the callers - some people can be really really *horrible*, as with most customer/people-facing jobs. Try to not let it get to you, but that's easier said than done.

If you want a place to vent, reddit's TalesFromTechSupport and TalesFromCallCenters (less active) would be a good place to start. If you have the time, I suggest you look into meditation or somesuch - may (or may not, YMMV) help when dealing with *those* kinds of clients.

Good luck!

i will try not to let it get to me, i will update you on how long i last lolll

I can relate with a lot of this life after schooling was definitely not as progressive as everyone made it out to be instead itself literally a fighting to earning a position in a decent job and hoping the job doesn’t screw you over down the line that’s how it’s been for me recently though but I don’t have the college experience so maybe that’s why? Idk but glad to see your still out and about so to speak

i hope it all goes well , i really feel that i won't last there it is only been three weeks and i already want to leave, i think at times your body just knows when something isn't for you ... but me not liking this job is me not being motivated to do well at it and it shows cause i am really struggling with it and my teammates try to motivate me that i just started it and it'll get better but yea i will see what is in store. min i find something better and near what i actually studied i am def leaving. I've decided not to complain as much cause i've just been complaining an unhealthy amount and just take it as an experience that i have to go through and hopefully better endeavour awaits me. and i hope the same for you, maybe it differs from country but people over here have little education but because they have a million years of experience they get placed in high functions way easier than someone who studied for years, and allot of people always keep saying you need a ton a luck on your side. -_- which i hate cause it makes me feel like i wasted a ton of time studying. but yea right now i am taking it all in as an experience i have to go through before i see better days. to cope with it all