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loll this is done well , good that you translated it I was like waaht are they speaking ... loll

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Ciullo-Corporation responds:


I added subtitles on Youtube, but for here I should re-export the whole video...

good job sloth , I also liked the music went well with it

this is such an awsome animation ,oh so great and funny ,fun to watch .

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i love this its so fun ^_^

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MintPaw responds:

Thank ya.

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awesome beat ,i could see myself partying on this ,cool.

ForeverBound responds:

Cool =)

this does sound sad but it is good

ForeverBound responds:

Thanks, and yes it does sound kinda sad

got a nice and smooth beat to it ,nicely done.

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this is amazing, before i read the caption i thought she was some monster honey bee , but awesome work!

why why does he wants butterflies in his stomach ?why is he forcing himself to feel in love ? i like it though even though the colors are so bright the way the dude is drawn is making it have a dark twist also with the blood , if i hadn't read the the title i thought he was eating them cause he wanted to change or have a new life i mean butterflies do symbolize different meanings.

ecartwork1 responds:

it is a self portrait and the meaning behind the butterflies is: I want butterflies in my stomach, they keep leaving and I keep stuffing them back in

it makes it seem like I have a blurry vision , pretty cool though

well love having fun ,love to talk ,im very nice ,but if your not i can be pretty horrid but only if you arnt ,i love food ,i adore music and love art in every way every form,and i also like anime ,fave colour is blue ,red,green ,purple ,black

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