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2017-02-14 18:00:39 by blauwwolkje92

hello to you ,how are you  ? tell me something doesn't matter what just something what ever you want

that song just popped out of no where now it is stuck on re-play but yea they be singing out of the box and where actually in a box that some how wasn't suppose to look like a tree house ,how amazing that was , everytime i whent into a box i'd think it would transform into something like how it happened with them wuahahahahaa , sigh life is filled with dissapointments lmao. HELLO WORLD of ng people . i miss you , kissesss :*, shout out to you know who you are :p ;) hmmmm.

hiii pretty people 

Hey beautiful, why don't you tell me about your day ...

2014-07-17 11:30:34 by blauwwolkje92


so would you rock this ?

2014-06-12 19:15:05 by blauwwolkje92

Apparently this is the latest fashion in men's swimwear, so any ..thoughts?

x_x i just had to share lmao i think it also might be underwear hmmm... soon people will just walk naked loll



SOOOO WE WON !!! yayyy i am so happy we worked so hard getting people to vote on this vid and even when we got so behind with it we stuck through it try getting eachother to not give up omggggg i can't remember winning anything or last time if i ever won something the feelings awesome though #happy lolll yayy 

You say yes, I say no .You say stop and I say go go go, oh no.You say goodbye and I say hello
Hello hello. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello. Hello hello
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello -Beatles


2014-04-20 11:35:04 by blauwwolkje92

IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE EGGS BUT IT IS ALSO ABOUT FORGIVENESS . with that said and done bring all them eggs to me from yall egg hunt



2014-03-07 11:43:50 by blauwwolkje92

How are you ? How has your day been? What is new?

Okay so hears the dish lol its yummiest dish ever loll okay seriously idk what thats about moving on.... well lately i am feeling driven to just do stuff sto being lazy i guess i have been lazy enough ,my body is like woman listen up you need to study now enough not to black out of course but to pass and achieve those damn goals so i am hoping to achieve them work hard enoug h and you shall achieve even though people say that sometimes you can still fail and then you think your hardest isnt enough then what is , well i guess not giving up ey well i guess if you just do it and not give up there must be a day ,time, year,month were you do achieve it and if not try do achieve some other goalss and go back to that one ,my might is set on working and it is like my body is just making itselfs energy drink to go with it or maybe it is cause i have been waking up early cause of college owh well right now i am working on getting my first semester done and then finish my second semester ase my thesis and be done with college wish it were as simple as said then done i guess work better pay off . well i wish you goodluck in achieving in all your goals even if you have to make new ones cause you couldnt achieve the old ones or maybe the new ones are way better then the old ones i guess it is how you see it .well i guess that is all that is on my mind .

                                           ciao xxx